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“Give thanks to Yahweh, call on His name; proclaim His deeds among the peoples.”
- Psalm 105:1

God Stories

Every person made in God’s image has a story to tell, all part of the greater narrative of God that began in the Garden. Here are some chapters from the lives of our Christian church family. Be encouraged His story continues to be written, and you play an important role.

My depression just seemed to melt away. I remember the first night being there I was just throwing my hands in the air and just praising the Lord with everything in me and I was just so happy and so joyful and immediately fell in love with the Lord.

Growing up in a Godly family doesn't mean that YOU will become Godly. When young Tommy Rettstatt looked at his family, he saw that his love for the Lord didn't match that of his siblings. He felt he was missing something. Here is his story of discovery and fulfillment.

High school junior, and member of Anchor Student Ministries, Jenna Cooper, shares her recent experience where God used a youth group lesson, and car accident, to change her heart in a big way.

So I grew up as a pastor's kid and I always grew up around the church. One thing that was very important to my dad was us going out and spreading our faith to others.

I remember saying to God, "Okay my way isn't working, this isn't working any more." And just surrendering -- "Okay I'm all yours." I finally felt true joy after I surrendered my life.

A little more than a year after Covid shut down Columbus, and beyond, Marge Wolfe shares how God not only provided for Marge's needs, but also equipped her to help serve others.

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