Ways to Help during COVID

No matter the distance or sickness in this unique season, wherever you are, there’s hope in Jesus Christ. We believe God’s Word fuels us, God’s love connects us and God’s mission focuses us. We’re forging new ways to live these values and to engage Jesus and others every day for eternal impact. While the future is uncertain, we have hope in Jesus. 

Be the Church: In this unique season, we have the opportunity to Be the Church, as Pastor Rob has reminded us. There are several ways that you can join the Northwest Chapel family in caring for folks in the community, all practicing safe procedures to ensure the health of all.

Sewing Team: Local nursing homes/assisted living facilities are in dire need of masks. Can you sew? Start today with the instructions provided HERE. The only additional instructions nursing homes have mentioned are:

  • When finished, put masks inside a zipped plastic bag and spray them down with disinfectant
  • Leave them in the bag for 24 hours before pick-up

Our Northwest Chapel Support Team is willing to pick up the bags of masks at your home and deliver them where needed in our community. If you need supplies to be able to make these masks, or have them ready to donate, please contact Pastor Martin Guerena. 

COVID-19 Relief Fund: This season is difficult for all, and for some, it’s incredibly tough to make ends meet. If you are able, we ask you to consider giving generously to our COVID-19 Relief Fund. Click HERE to give now. 

Meals & Groceries: Northwest Chapel family members or neighbors who have had a surgery or crisis and could use meals for a couple days or for a week, or a bag of groceries, we have a team to help. Would you like to join the team? Please contact Mary Anne Acer.  

Crisis Support Team: Whether it’s lawn care, pick-up and delivery of groceries or medicine, etc., that would be helpful to someone in a hard time, we have a team in place. To contribute on this team, please contact Pastor Martin Guerena.

Helping Hands: We have a team to help folks with minor projects that need attention around the house. If you’d like to volunteer, please connect with Eric Snider.