Life Groups

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of Life Groups? The goal of Life Groups at Northwest Chapel is spiritual growth in the context of meaningful spiritual relationships. Life Groups provide a way for you to connect with a small group of people and share life together. Meeting time will be focused on growing in our relationship with God by studying and applying His Word to our lives and connecting to encourage one another in our faith.
What materials will the Life Group Study? Life Groups will work through a curriculum designed to correspond with the previous Sunday’s sermon.
What are the dates for the Fall 2018 Life Group Session? Life Groups will begin meeting the week of September 16, 2018. Groups meet at a variety of times, days, and locations mid-September and for 10-12 weeks.
What responsibilities will I have as a Life Group member? You should make it a high priority to faithfully attend each group meeting and actively engage in the group meeting. Even if you can’t attend every session, we still want you involved.
What about kids? Each group will determine how to provide for children. Some host homes will have a place for kids to play. Some groups may include children as part of the discussion. Some groups are designed for adults. You will see on the Life Group list which group will work best for you.
What will happen at the end of the Winter Life Group Session? It is not a life-long commitment; it is a commitment to share life! New groups will form for the fall. Of course you may continue to meet as long as you like. After each new session, you can (1) recommit to the same group for the next session, (2) try a new group, or (3) take a break from groups.
I currently lead a separate group and would like to formally connect as a Life Group. What should I do? Contact Pastor Shannon Hollinger at or 614-761-0363 for leadership requirements, to register your group, and to sign up for leadership training.